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Mette Unit Quilt 1

Quilt 1
(13 units in each quilt)
Both quilts pictured here are made from almost identical units, except the quilt on the left has units which do not completely tuck the colored triangles under the squashed centers of each unit.

Quilt 3

Quilt 3
The red and yellow papers are the quilt units,
and the blue squares are inserts that fit into
the quilt units.

Quilt 3 - 20 quilt units w/20 inserts

20 quilt units(black)
and 20 inserts

It seems I am not the only one who has "created" this unit.

I have come across this unit in a couple of other places.
Although, they did not use the unit for creating quilts.

                        I do know that creating 3D Stars from this unitis original!



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