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What are Mette Units?
Mette Units started out to be variations of "Sonobe" like units that can be used to create different origami modular shapes.  After a while, however, the design of my units has changed enough that they are not always connected in the "Sonobe way."  Many of my newer units don't even look like Sonobes.  I've also started creating rings and quilts. Many of the quilts units can also be assembled into modular shapes.

Where can I find Mette Units?

Mette Units $12 Purchase
More Mette Units $12 Purchase
Mette Units 3 $12 Purchase
Mette Units 4 - Rings $12 Purchase
Mette Units 5 $12 Purchase
Mette Units 6 - Boxes $14 Purchase
Mette Units 7 $12 Purchase
Mette Units 8 $12 Purchase

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Who is Mette Pederson?
    My dog Viggo.
    Viking and Chainmaille jewelry

Mette Unit Books available for purchase online
    Book 1 - Mette Units
    Book 2 - More Mette Units
    Book 3 - Mette Units 3
    Book 4 - Mette Units 4 - Rings
    Book 5 - Mette Units 5
    Book 6 - Mette Units 6 - Boxes
    Book 7 - Mette Units 7     Book 8 - Mette Units 8

How are Mette Unit Books Produced?
How did I self-publish them in the past?

More of my Mette Units - not yet published in my books.
    Quilts & Modulars
    Rings & Stars

Diagrams - Try one of my Mette Units!
    Modular Flower 2 (download .pdf)
    Mette Unit Ring 1 (download .pdf)
    Envelope by Frances LeVangia
    Heart with Pockets by Cynthia Fulbright

Origami Photo Album - Convention photos, origami models, ...
    Origami in my cube at work
    Convention Pictures and Write-ups:
        Southeastern Origami Festival 1998
        CDO 1998; write-up
        BOS April 1999 - York; write-up
        OrigamiUSA 1999
   The North Carolina Trio

TOFU - Origami group meeting in the Raleigh, NC area.
    TOFU Meetings:
        April 24, 1999
        May 22, 1999
        June 19, 1999
        July 24, 1999
        August 28, 1999
        December 18, 1999
        January 22, 2000
        February 24, 2001

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Instructions for Backcoating paper.

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